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Water Softeners Installation

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water softener repair and replacement


Keep your family healthy by eliminating hard water with a water softener installation. Hard water naturally occurs in the the water cycle from the ground and into your home. However, hard water can be harmful with an excess of dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and others. These minerals can transfer to your drains, build up over time, and stain your water fixtures, while decreasing the quality of your water. Along with this, hard water makes it difficult for your appliances to process, wearing them down faster.

A water softener removes the excess minerals by removing ions from the calcium and magnesium, breaking down the minerals and cleaned with salt to make your water soft, clean, and safe. Typically, water softeners last between ten to fifteen years before needing to be replaced. If your water softener starts to break down, you’ll notice stains on your drains, build-ups on tubs, white spots on dishes, abnormally dry skin, and higher water bills. Call our Master Plumbers to get your water softener checked or replaced.


Joe replaced the “cartridge” in our tub/shower when it quickly developed a fast leak, and rescued us on very short notice. He’s very knowledgeable and works fast. I have already recommended him to others. Thank you, All Ways!
Joanne M.
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