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Offering Drain Cleaning and Maintenance in MN

If you answered “YES” to any or all these questions you might have identified a small problem that is on its way to becoming a major crisis. Some people try to avoid the clogged drain problem by nursing it along with drain cleaners. But that drain cleaner could be doing more damage than good, especially if your pipes are plastic.

All Ways Plumbing is a leader in drain cleaning and drain maintenance, and can professionally deal with any drainage problem you have from kitchen drains, bathroom sink drains and shower/tub drains to toilet drains, floor drains and main sewer lines.

We have both state of the art equipment and the engineering knowledge required to determine exactly what the problem is and where it is. And when we are finished, your drains will be flowing the way they were the day your house was brand new!

And before we leave we will educate you on simple ways to keep your drains flowing that way for years to come.