Minnesota’s Plumber

Why Choose All Ways Plumbing, Inc.?

If you look at web sites on the internet, listings in the Yellow Pages or advertisements in your local newspaper it would appear that all plumbers are pretty much the same. So when the faucet is leaking, or the drain is clogged, or the water heater is not producing hot water, you just call the first number on the page or click on the first internet listing that comes up, trusting that this person has the knowledge, skill and equipment to properly fix what needs to be fixed.

The fact is, plumbers are not all the same, and selecting one in this fashion could put the health and safety of your family in harm’s way, jeopardize the very structure of your home, and expose you to costs, repairs and inconveniences you never dreamed possible!

Licensed Master Plumbers

At All Ways Plumbing, Inc. we are licensed Master Plumbers! The title “Master Plumber” is awarded only to those plumbers who have devoted themselves to studying their craft, passing the rigorous exams, and fully documenting their skill and experience with the State of Minnesota and the municipalities in which they work. At other companies a plumber can be a journeyman, an apprentice learning the trade, or just a handyman who has done some plumbing work.

Bonded and Insured!

At All Ways Plumbing, Inc. our Master Plumbers are bonded and insured beyond legal requirements, relieving you of any liability should there be an injury or any type of damage done to your property. Not every plumbing company is insured to this extent, and with upscale and expensive homes it is important to make certain that all contingencies are covered.

All Ways Plumbing, Inc. serves primarily the Minnetonka, Maple Grove, Plymouth, St. Louis Park and Edina communities. We serve these areas for two reasons:
a. It allows us to become highly knowledgeable and extremely familiar with the Building Codes in each area, thus guaranteeing you  of a job that is not only done, but done right in the eyes of all concerned.
b. Though we are more than pleased to work in other areas, the fact is, word of mouth – neighbor telling neighbor about our quality work at a fair price – has been our best form of advertising and has made us the plumber of popular choice in Minnetonka, Maple Grove, Plymouth, St. Louis Park and Edina.