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Water Heater Service and Repair in the Twin Cities, Minnesota

Water heaters are generally very reliable but occasionally they do have problems such as:

Call the Experts – Minneapolis’s All Ways Plumbing, Inc.

If any of these problems exist you need to call All Ways Plumbing, Inc. immediately, and as you call please don’t jump to conclusions and assume your water heater needs to be replaced! Water heaters have very long lives, and more often than not a simple repair or adjustment is all your water heater needs. But the key is to call immediately before that simple repair turns into a full replacement. The Master Plumbers at All Ways Plumbing, Inc.
are experts and will provide you with a thorough assessment of the situation then suggest the best and most cost effective course of action.

In making water heater repairs we have all the necessary parts, no matter what make or model. And we are more than happy to offer maintenance suggestions that will avoid these problems in the future, extend the life of your water heater and maybe even save you some money on your energy bills.

If your water heater needs to be replaced we can quickly and conveniently gets the job done, always making sure that we work within your budget.