Sump Pump Installation and Repair Minnetonka MN

Sump Pump Installation Minnetonka MN

Everybody knows that a sump pump in your basement is critical to keeping water at bay and outside of the basement of your home.  This time of the year is when a sump pump becomes your best friend and something you miss when it does not work properly.

What isn’t known or written about as much is how the sump pump works in your home.  Knowing how it works can help you understand why it is so critical to have in your home.

What Does a Sump Pump Do?

Sump Pump Pit in Basement

Most homes have what they call “Tiling” around their home.  This is tubing that allows water to seep into it instead of trying to leak into the basement of a home.  It reduces the pressure put against the basement walls by removing the water from the ground.  The water that goes in the the tiling or tubing runs into plumbing pipes that are hooked up to it.  The plumbing pipe then enters your home and empties into a sump pump pit.  This pit is usually in a corner of your basement.  The pit will contain a basket which will hold the water that is drained into it by the pipe that runs to the tiling around your house.

The sump pump sits inside the sump pump basket in the water that is gathered.  The sump pump will have a pvc pipe coming out of it going straight up.  This pipe will then be plumbed out of your home away from your home.  This piping if done correctly will lead the water away from your home so that it does not work its way back into the sump pump pit again.

The sump pump has a form of float in it that tells it when there is water in the pit to be pumped out.  This prevents the overflow into the basement of water.  Water will fill up the basket resulting in the float to rise.  This will signal the pump to start pumping the water out of the pit into the plumbing pipes.  The sump pump has a check valve which opens when water is going up into the pipe and closes when the pump shut off.  This prevents water from the pipe flowing back into the pit.

Call a Minnetonka Minnesota Plumber

For everything to work correctly, it is very important that you have the sump pump installed correctly.  A licensed Minnesota plumber will know the correct piping procedures to make sure the water goes up and out of your home and away from the foundation.  Having a sump pump isn’t enough to protect your home.  As with everything, the correct installation is just as important as having one.

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  1. I called my brother the other day and found out that he may need to get a sump pump repair. It made me worried since I haven’t noticed if my fiance and I have one in our home. I will look in the corner of our basement like you suggested.

  2. Thank you for sharing what a sump pump is and its purpose. You made it clear that it’s responsible for keeping the water away from the basement of the home and displace it outside such as drains and sewers. My mom just purchased one of those to be kept in the pedestal, and I feel that she will be needing the help of a professional in installing and possibly maintaining this pump to avoid damaging the equipment and our home.

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