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Minnesota Water Treatment Services

Are you getting thehighest level of qualityout of your water? When it comes to your water, you should expect spot-free dishes, brighter and softer clothes and a shower stall minus the water spots. Water softening systems or conditioners reduce the dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and to some degree manganese and ferrous iron ion concentration in hard water. Hard water is characterized by a high mineral content and a recharging cycle is required to minimize the minerals. Build up of these minerals will affect the taste of your water, contribute to clogged drains and have adverse efficiency of water heaters. All Ways Plumbing Inc. is a leader and an expert in water treatment and we would be more than happy to test your water to make certain it is not only safe for you and your family to drink, but we would also like to present you with a plan for making it more acceptable and useful for your other needs as well.

Different Types of Water Treatments

The right water softener will leave your clothes cleaner after washing and will provide you with a bath or shower that you never dreamed could be so refreshing and stimulating. A water purification system will turn your tap water into a desirable drink and save you thousands of dollars and untold inconvenience in buying and hauling bottled water home. An iron or water filtration system will pay for itself in no time by removing minerals and sediment that shorten the life and efficiency of your water heater and eventually clog and corrode pipes, joints and valves leaving you with horrible problems and costly repairs. If you live in the suburbs of Minnetonka, Maple Grove, Plymouth, St. Louis Park and Edina you draw your water primarily from the Prairie du Chien-Jordan aquifer and might be astounded at how hard your water is and how much you might benefit from simple forms of water treatment. The test is inexpensive and will not only provide you with peace of mind concerning your familys drinking water, but it could very well offer you a higher quality of life in regard to your water use.