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Water Softener Minneapolis MN | Residential Water Treatment

Economic Savings with Softened Water

Did you know: Water heaters represent up to 14% of an average households energy consumption. That being said, picking the best and most efficient model for your home is an important decision. When researching your water heater options, keep in mind the below information from the Water Quality Associations Softened Water Benefits Study.

Hard Water vs Soft Water

The study attempted to compare hot water tank and tank-less heaters, automatic dishwashers, washing machines, shower heads, and fixtures when used with hard water versus soft water.

Water softener benefits - The report conclusions are as follows: Gas Storage Tank Water Heaters:
  • With softened water Gas storage tank household water heaters operated on softened water maintained the original factory efficiency rating over a 15-year lifetime.
  • With hard water Hard water can lead to as much as a 24% loss of efficiency in water heaters. Each 5 grains per gallon of water hardness causes a 4% loss in efficiency and 4% increase in cost for gas storage tank water heaters when using 50 gallons of hot water per day.
Tankless Heaters:
  • The economic savings of softened water with instantaneous tankless water heaters can lead to recovery of the cost of a water softener and operating supplies in a period as short as a year, if the incoming is sufficiently hard.
  • With softened water Indoor instantaneous gas water heaters (tankless heaters) operated on soft water maintained the original factory efficiency rating over a 15-year lifetime.
  • With hard water The study found that tankless water heaters completely failed to function because of scale plugging in the downstream plumbing after only 1.6 years of equivalent hot water use on 26 gpg hard water. Softened water saves 40% of costs compared to operating on 20 gpg and saves 57% compared to operation on 30 gpg hard water.
Electric Water Heaters:
  • Up to 30 pounds of calcium carbonate rocklike scale deposits can accumulate in electric water heaters.
  • Each 5 gpg of water hardness caused 0.4 pounds of scale accumulation each year in electric storage tank household water heaters.
  • the life of the heating element can be expected to shorten due to scale buildup increasing the operating temperature of the element in the electric storage water heaters operating on unsoftened water, says Batelle Memorial Institution.
Carbon Footprint
  • The carbon footprint increases 18% for gas tank water heaters when operated on 26 gpg hard water for 15 years as compared to the same operation on 0 gpg softened water.
  • For instantaneous-type natural gas water heaters, this same carbon footprint increases 4% when operated on 26 gpg hard water versus 0 gpg softened water over 15 years.
  • Do you know how hard your water is? The right water softener will leave your clothes cleaner after washing and will provide you with a bath or shower that you never dreamed could be so refreshing and stimulating. You might be astounded at how hard your water is and how much you might benefit from simple forms of water treatment. A Minnesota Plumbing Contractor can discuss all of of your water treatment options. The test is inexpensive and will not only provide you with peace of mind concerning your familys drinking water, but it could very well offer you a higher quality of life in regard to your water use.