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Water heaters can be a very dangerous home appliance. With lack of or improper maintenance the water heater can become a ticking time bomb. An exploding 30-gallon water heater has the force of a stick of dynamite and has the power to destroy a house and injure or kill those inside. Experts report one-third of all water heater TPR valves are not operational because of mineral buildup, rust or corrosion. MythBusters has done an experiment to test the myth and discovered that the myth is actually reality. Now, order for this to happen, certain things have to fail to work properly. The most important safety feature on the water heater is the T & P valve. T & P stands for temperature and pressure. This valve is responsible for relieving any excessive pressure and/or temperature. If anything else, such as the gas valve, stops functioning properly the T & P valve is there as a final level of protection against an unsafe temperature or pressure. The T & P valve should be tested a minimum of once per year. The test is simple there is a lever on the end of the T & P valve (in the picture it is located at the top, silver in color) that you need to lift out from the valve. You need to make sure that you are safely positioned so as not to be struck by the discharge of water. You also want to make sure that where the water discharges to is not going to cause any water damage, or that you catch the discharge in a bucket. This test will determine if the T & P valve is working properly. Sometimes the valve does fail after this test. If that is the case you have determined that the valve is in need of repair. Before performing this test, know where your shut off valves are, so that you can shut off the water if the T & P valve does leak. If you are uncomfortable performing this test, contact a Minnesota plumber to do it for you. Also, here is the link to the MythBusters Exploding Water Heater Video. Your water heater may only need maintenance. Sediment can flushed and key components are replaceable. A plumber will diagnose the cause of your hot water heater problem and explain what is causing your problem. Our home plumbing experts will check the pressure relief valve, drain your tank to remove any sediment (if recommended), inspect the tank and connections for rust, wear or corrosion, replace worn anode rods, and more. If you need to replace your water heater a technician will explain all your options and make sure your replacement is properly sized to serve your familys needs.