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With the current aging population care-giving and safety in the house is coming to the forefront of people minds. Preventing accidents and making lives of the disabled and elderly easier with modification to the problem areas in the home is not only a concern to the disabled and elderly but an important consideration to care-providers whether they be a family member or contractor. People 65+ represented 12.4% of the population in the year 2000 but are expected to grow to be 19% of the population by 2030 according to the Department of Health & Human Services Administration on Aging. An AARP survey estimated that 44.4 million Americans are taking care of another adult, mainly an elderly parent or other relative.

One Solution to a Care Giving Problem is a Tankless Hot Water Heater

Many people today have problems with running out of hot water especially with elderly people that are taking extended showers. With care workers, this can lead to a dangerous solution of turning up the water heater to extend the length of time there is hot water, but this increases the chances of scalding and burns. Tankless water heaters will give you endless hot water. But for elderly people that have got bathing problems and care givers that are having these sorts of problems where they are running out of hot water, there is a really good fix for that today with these tankless water heaters and it saves a lot of space. We dont have to put in a large tanks like we used to. These are fairly small units that hang on wall but we can give endless hot water without any difficulties, so we can eliminate that problem we have had over the years. This is one of the most problematic areas of home health care as well as one of the most dangerous and uncomfortable situations for those being cared for.

Safety Upgrades Checklist

  • Walk-in showers: safer and easier access, more comfortable to use important when wheelchair access is required.
  • Shower seats: installed in all shower enclosures for the disabled and elderly.
  • Grab bars: shower enclosure, bathroom wall, bathtub wall, toilet wall, or with walk in tub a bar near the exit.
  • Anti-slip flooring for the tub, shower, and bathroom floor.
  • Slip proof coating on bathroom floors. This is a recommended finishing coat, applied to floors to prevent slips or bad falls.
  • Easy reach electrical switches for wheel chair access and easily visible for the elderly.
  • Floating sinks for wheelchairs access.
  • Elevated toilet seats or safety frames.

Basic Safety Checklist

  • The temperature of hot water heater should be 120 degrees .
  • Have non slip floors covering or a non slip carpet in front of the tub or shower .
  • Keep towels and wash rags in easy reach.
  • Non slip surface in shower or tub.
  • Soap and shampoo within easy reach.
  • Place a grab bar for sitting on, or getting up from the toilet .
  • A night light that illuminates the path to bathroom.
  • Use a nightlight in the bathroom.