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MN Plumber For Sewage Backup St Louis Park MN

St Louis Park Sewer and Drain Cleaning

If you experience a sewer blockage, it is recommended that you call the County first before calling a plumber. They can dispatch a sewer truck to send a high-pressure water hose down through the cleanout, near your property line, out to the sewer main.This can possibly resolve the problem, if the blockage is on the County's side (public), but, in any event, will ensure that the County's portion of your sewer service is open and not causing the problem. This knowledge can be helpful if you do have to call a St Louis Park Minnesota plumber to repair your private sewer.

Sewer House Connection

An illustration of where the County's responsibility ends and the homeowner's responsibility begins for your sewer service.

Prevent Sewer Backup

Each year in the United States, backed up sewers back causing floods in basements occur nearly 500,000 times when about 50,000 municipal sanitary sewers overflows occur. This sewage back up situation creates an environment in which potentially deadly pathogens are introduced into the home and conditions are created in which toxic black mold can grow in the basement. The biggest problems arise in systems that combine storm water and raw sewage into the same pipeline. During many rain storms, the systems are exposed to more volume than they can handle, and the result is a sewage back up situation that allows sewage to spew out, flooding into basements and other low lying drains. If you have gone through the trouble and expense of mold remediation after a sewer backup that caused basement mold in your home, you would be foolish not to invest in the installation of a backwater valve to prevent the flooding problem from occurring again.

St Louis Park Minnesota Plumber

You must have a Sewer Backflow Prevention Device on your sewer system. In most places this is the law, everywhere else its just the smart thing to do. Almost everywhere the local authorities will dictate that certain types of backflow preventers may not be used with irrigation and sewer systems because they do not provide adequate protection. In some cases, the authorities will dictate the exact type of backflow preventer you MUST use. Backwater valves are the most important type of flood insurance you could invest in. The damage that can be caused by an inch of water in your basement alone can equal thousands of dollars. Sump pumps will help in an emergency flooding situation however, these devices do not work during a power outage. Backwater valves work, by design, when installed and properly maintained. If you live in St. Louis Park, contact a Licensed Minnesota Plumber that can evaluate your home and install a quality backflow preventer valve.