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Gas Line Repair and Installation MN

The back yard is, was, and I hope always will be a part of Americana. Its where our dog Poochie, ran rambunctiously through the water spurting from our garden hose. Its where, through the decades, weve sat together as a family on blankets, while eating barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers. Or where you can watch the kids play, entertain friends, or just sit and relax. Adding a gas BBQ or gas fire pit to your backyard can increase the fun of a Minnesota summer! There is nothing in the world like entertaining your family and friends well into the evening with tasty food and wonderful conversation and laughter around a good fire! Its what our Minnesota summers are all about! Everyone who likes to cook will love being spoiled by a natural gas grill. Natural gas grills are the key to gourmet grilling. Natural gas provides complete control of the flame, from low heat for slow smoking and grilling.


Natural gas grills are convenient, safe, fast and easy to use. Forget the worry of running out of propane in the middle of a barbecue and the hassle of refilling the tank. Natural gas grills tap directly into your homes natural gas supply.

Easy, Flexible Installation

Installation is a snap. Grills can be mounted on a permanent post, built into a brick base or put on a cart with a quick-disconnect so the grill can be easily moved. At one time, rigid, threaded black iron pipe was the industry standard for natural gas lines. But in recent years the development of quick disconnect valves and fittings and flexible natural gas supply hoses has made it easy to change the location of your outdoor appliances.

Did you know that Americans prepare about 3 BILLION meals on grills each year? From 2005-2009, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 8,200 home fires involving grills, hibachis or barbecues per year, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Five out of six home grill fires involve a gas grill and the leading contributing factor was a leak or break in hoses or other equipment.

About 20 people are injured as a result of gas grill fires and explosions. Hoses should be checked for any holes, or cracks. Gas hoses should be kept clear of any hot surfaces or hot grease. A grill should never be used indoors. A grill should be used at least 10 feet away from any building, or overhanging branches. The top lid should be opened before the gas is turned on, otherwise gases can accumulate and cause a violent explosion.

Or, how about your swimming pool? All year long you dream about the fun and good times you built it for. But did you know that the simple installation of a gas water heater can provide you with full two more months of pool use? Suddenly that pool has far more value than you ever imagined. More and more homeowners are choosing to heat their pools with natural gas pool heaters. You can extend the swimming season and make the time spent in your pool more enjoyable. Youll be able to use your pool earlier in the year, keep it open later in the fall, and have more days of fun all through the summer.

To ensure the carefree nature of joys like these by making certain that your equipment and gas lines are installed according to the building and safety codes of your community. Natural gas and propane pipes are normally only installed by a professional MN plumber. This is because a leak can easily go undetected, and can often be fatal.