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Minnesota Licensed Master Plumber Can Help Avoid Plumbing Problems

There are some basic things homeowners should do to ensure that their piping systems continue running properly Drains clog over time. In kitchens, greases and soaps can cause a blockage. In bathrooms, showers, tubs and sinks can become clogged with hair and soap, and toilets clogged with toilet paper. When this happens, you need the help of a plumber experienced in drain cleaning. However, if people would be more careful about what they put down their drains, a lot of plumbing problems that homeowners experience wouldn't ever come up in the first place.

Proper Drainage

Proper Drainage is important to prevent plumbing problems. As far as kitchen sinks are concerned, many people put too much stuff into their garbage disposal, and even don't use enough water when they are trying to ground them down. For example, when people peel 15 or 20 potatoes, they just cram all the skins down the disposal. But the truth is that it is bad for the garbage disposal to be stuffed with large quantities of things like potato peels. Ideally, you should run plenty of cold water down the drain while you are putting things down into the disposal.


Grease is another major issue with kitchen sinks. You need to find a place to dispose of grease in some other way instead of putting it down your kitchen sink drain, because it is really bad for the drain line. If you put too much grease down in your sink, it will harden the drain line and catch everything that goes down into the drain from that point on.

Too Much Hair In Showers

People keep a drain catcher over the drain to make sure hair doesn't get caught down in there. The number one reason we get calls to fix people's shower drains is because too much hair has clogged the drain up, so just watch out for that. As I mentioned, if someone is looking to prevent any problems from coming up with his pipes or drains, he needs to be careful about what he puts into his systems. Keeping everything in proper working order is as simple as making sure not to put things in your drains and pipes that don't belong there. While some products are available on the market for a do-it-yourself remedy, they only offer a temporary fix and can cause bigger problems later. Some people try to avoid the clogged drain problem by nursing it along with drain cleaners. But that drain cleaner could be doing more damage than good, especially if your pipes are plastic. Have your Drain Cleaned by a Licensed Minnesota Plumber. They will have the proper tools to rid your drains of all the clogs without damaging your pipes or the environment.