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Gas Line Repair and Installation MN

Gas Line Installation MN

Gas line repair isn't like a leaky faucet that you can put off until you get around to it. It is something that needs to be resolved rather quickly. While natural gas does not, on its own, have a scent. This rotten egg smell is actually added to the gas when it's processed for home use so that homeowners have a way to detect a gas leak before it gets out of control.

You should never attempt to repair a gas line yourself, and in emergencies you should always call 911 if you suspect a gas leak. As a safety precaution, a sulfur-like odor is added to natural gas to help people identify gas leaks. If you smell this odor in an emergency situation, leave the building then call 911 immediately.

Gas Leaks Are No Laughing Matter

Gas line repair in the case of emergencies always requires a professional plumber and a plumbing permit. Gas leaks are no laughing matter, and a slow leak can be a very dangerous presence in your home or business. If you suspect a gas leak, don't wait. Use your senses of sight, hearing and smell, along with any of the following signs, to alert yourself to the presence of a gas leak:


  • A damaged connection to a gas appliance
  • Dirt or water being blown in the air
  • Dead or dying vegetation (in an otherwise moist area) over or near pipeline areas
  • A fire or explosion near a pipeline
  • Exposed pipeline after an earthquake, fire, flood or other disaster


  • An unusual sound, such as a hissing, whistling or roaring sound near a gas line or appliance


  • The distinctive odor of natural gas

Some people may not be able to smell the odor because they have a diminished sense of smell, olfactory fatigue (normal, temporary inability to distinguish an odor after prolonged exposure to it) or because the odor is being masked or hidden by other odors that are present, such as cooking, damp, musty or chemical odors. In addition, certain conditions in pipe and soil can cause odor fade - the loss of odorant so that it is not detectable by smell. Many plumbing repairs around the house can be done by the homeowner but gas leaks CAN NOT! ONLY a licensed plumber is permitted to work on gas lines/gas leaks. We have all heard stories of houses exploding and or catching on fire. If you think you have a gas leak call the utility company to shut off the gas and then call a licensed Minnesota Plumber immediately to have the lines tested.

Gas Line Installation

We also offer gas line installation for almost any gas appliance. This includes gas line installation for gas stoves, cook tops, barbecues, hot tub & pool heaters, water heaters, fireplaces, clothes dryers, boilers, and remodeling projects. Remember, our qualified technicians also fully understand gas line installation for commercial grade appliances, so don't hesitate to call for estimates for your business as well!