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Edina Minnesota Water Treatment Services

Edina Minnesota Water Softening and Purification

The City of Edina has 200 miles of water mains, 360 miles of sanitary and storm sewer mains, 18 deep water wells and 5 water treatment plants delivering up to 22 million gallons of water per day.

Edina Draws Water From the Prairie DuChien Group

The City of Edina provides drinking water to residents from a groundwater source. Eighteen wells, ranging in depth from 380 to 1,130 feet, draw water from the Mt. Simon and Prairie du Chien-Jordan aquifers. Seven of the wells run year-round. Eleven are seasonal, running during the peak water-consumption season from April until October. Aquifers such as the Prairie du Chien are used for drinking water purposes. Not every city well is filtered for the removal of iron and manganese. Iron and manganese can result in discolored water that can result in taste or odor complaints. The City does have a long-term goal to eventually filter all of its wells. The Morningside area is serviced by Minneapolis which gets its water from the Mississippi River. Seasonal low river levels and algae blooms can cause a fishy, musty odor, and brown discoloration. There is also a long term plan to resolve this. The EPA has established two standards for additional contaminants in tap water: MCL: Maximum Contaminant Level - The maximum allowable level of a certain contaminant MCLG: Maximum Contaminant Level GOAL - The level where studies have found ZERO HEALTH RISKS, aka the "Health Limit" Water Contaminants That Exceed EPA Health Limits
Contaminant Levels Found Health Limit Potential Effect
Alpha Particles 11.65 - 15.5 0pCi/L Increased risk of cancer
Arsenic 1.21 - 3.46 0ppb Skin damage or problems with circulatory systems, and may have increased risk of getting cancer
Benzene .08 - 0.3 0ppb Anemia; decrease in blood platelets; increased risk of cancer
Bromodichloromethane 2.42 - 7.9 0ppb Increased risk of cancer, damage to liver, kidneys, and nervous system
Bromoform 0.2 - 1.43 0ppb Increased risk of cancer
Chloroform 3.37 - 13 5.7ppb Nervous system depression, increase in kidney and liver tumors
Combined Radium 4.45 - 5.5 0Ci/L Increased risk of cancer
Dibromochloromethane 1.23 - 5.2 0.4 Increased risk of cancer
Dichloroacetic acid 1.53 - 4 0ppb Irritant and corrosive to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract
Haloacetic Acids 4.3 - 8.5 0ppb Increased risk of cancer
Total Coliform Bacteria 4% 0% Not a health threat in itself; it is used to indicate whether other potentially harmful bacteria may be present
Total Trihalomethanes 0.4 - 26 0ppb Liver, kidney or central nervous system problems; increased risk of cancer
Trichloroethylene 0.3 - 0.9 0ppb Liver problems; increased risk of cancer
Vinyl Chloride 1.15 - 1.6 0ppb Increased risk of cancer
Additional Water Contaminants Found in Edina Tap Water
Contaminant Levels Found Health Limit Potential Effect
Barium 0.12 - .21 2ppm Increase in blood pressure
Chlorine 0.4 - 1.9 4.0ppm Eye/nose irritation; stomach discomfort
cis-1,2-Dichloroethylene 6.85 - 9.9 70ppb Increased risk of cancer
Copper 0.62 1.3ppm Gastrointestinal distress. Liver or kidney damage.
Fluoride .21 - 1.3 4.0ppm Bone disease (pain and tenderness of the bones); children may get mottled teeth
Hardness 17 - 23gpg NA Increased energy consumption, damage to plumbing, appliances, fixtures, clothing, and glassware
Iron 0.2 - 0.8ppm NA Increased energy consumption, damage to plumbing, appliances, fixtures, clothing
Lead 4 15ppb Delays in physical or mental development in infants and children; slight deficits in attention span and learning abilities; Kidney problems; high blood pressure
Sodium 20ppm NA Hypertension
Sulfates 42.7ppm NA Catharsis, Dehydration from diarrhea
trans-1,2-Dichloroethylene 0.38 - 0.50 100ppb Increased risk of cancer
This information was compiled from your local city's water treatment reports, the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), Minnesota Department of Health(DOH), World Health Organization(WHO), and Environmental Working Group(EWG). Edina Water Chemistry What is the hardness of Edina water? How many parts per million of iron? Should I have a softener? Hardness = 17 grains per gallon Iron = less than 1 part per million PH = 7.6 Fluoride = 0.9 to 1.1 parts per million Chlorine = 1 to 1.2 parts per million For setting your water softener, note that the hardness of water in Edina is 17 grains. This is considered a high level. There is less than 1 part per million of iron in Edina water. Water softeners can filter out some extra minerals, which can make your soaps more effective and can feel more comfortable on your skin. City and well water in Edina Minnesota may contain extremely high levels of water hardness, as well as additional contaminants that affect your plumbing, appliances, and potentially your health. If you live in Edina and you draw your water primarily from the Prairie du Chien-Jordan aquifer and might be astounded at how hard your water is and how much you might benefit from simple forms of water treatment.The test is inexpensive and will not only provide you with peace of mind concerning your familys drinking water, but it could very well offer you a higher quality of life in regard to your water use. Call today for water softening, filtration and purification. Improve the safety and quality of your water.